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Bandit Cichlid

Guianacara Geayi

Guianacara geayi have taxonomic affinities with Acarirthys (the thread finned acaras), Aequidens and Geophagines. It is for this reason and its availability in Australia that it is included in this group. The bandit or panda cichlid as it is commonly known, is a much overlooked fish with much charm and character. A small group of unrelated individuals are best grown up together and pairs allowed to form naturally. It does sift at the bottom of the tank so a substrate that is fine is best for this species. The picture shows a fish with a reddish tinge to the finnage, I have never seen this colour morph and all the individuals I have seen have primarily clear finnage. This colouration may be the result of the photography, some line breeding or possibly colour enhancing foods.

Guianacara geayi - The bandit or panda cichlid

Maximum Size: m: 15cm f: <12cm
Sexual Dimorphism: Pronounced. Males grow slightly larger, and have a steeper angle to the forehead. The male has slightly longer anal and dorsal finnage.
Mating System: Monogamy
Breeding Method: Cave spawning.

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