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Geophagus, Gymnogeophagus, Satanoperca & Guianacara

The Earth Eaters and Their Allies

David Midgley 2001 - Geophagines are amongst the most commonly kept south American cichlids. Without doubt they are one of the most popular groups of south American cichlids in general, being far more peaceful than their central American cousins. For all species a fine substrate on the base of the tank is a prerequisite as Geophagines enjoy sand-sifting as their common name, the earth eater, suggests. Six species are available in Australia, this article will, hopefully, give a brief introduction and a little information on each.

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These species are available in Australia. Please follow the links for the related fish profiles.

"Geophagus" braziliensis

Geophagus steindachneri

Geophagus "surinamensis"

Guianacara geayi

Gymnogeophagus balzani

Satanoperca jurupari


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