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Heros severus

The severum is a fairly peaceful cichlid, although it will destroy plants which it loves to eat, and will take small fishes such as guppies or neon tetras. Severums should be kept with other larger peaceful cichlids such as geophagines or some of the more tolerant of the “Acara” group. Severums require large amounts of vegetable matter as previously mentioned and peas, lettuce, zuccini and nori and all good foods for this fish. In addition to these vegetable foods, the species readily accepts frozen or prepared foods.

Ideally, H. severus should be kept in tanks no smaller than 180L, and although docile the severum is not shy are will readily rush to the front of the tank when people approach. Despite this, some cover in the form of rocks or logs is appreciated and makes the fish more comfortable. The water should be soft and slightly acidic, although the species will tolerate a variety of water conditions.

Species Name: Heros severus

Gold severum
‘Gold’ Severum

Common Name(s):Severum
Country of Origin: South America
Diet: Vegetarian
Water Chemistry: pH 6.5, kH low
Temperature: 24 - 28 C

Breeding: Breeding is easy in tanks large enough to accomadate a pair. Typical open spawners. Buy 6 juveniles, allow a pair to form. Remove others.

Notes: The Severum is one is one of the most beautiful of the commonly kept South American cichlids. It is available in two colour forms which are the green and the gold, the gold being a breeding form which does not occur naturally. The gold is shown in the picture above.

Green severum
‘Green’ Severum

The severum is commonly available at aquariums around Australia and for breeding purposes it is far better to gather several juveniles from various locations.

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